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The Mount Saint Odile

Saint_OdileAccording to a tradition, Odile was born blind and regained her sight when she was baptised.
She decided to dedicate her life for god.About 680, his father the duke of Aldaric built a monastery at the top of the massif which takes her name from now on.You can perceive the sarcophargus of Saint Odile and their boards, which are retracing the big moments of her life, the monastery and its inside garden, the panoramic terrace and its two chapels etc…

You will find a souvenir shop, a hotel, a restaurant and a snack bar.

Opened every day from 8h to 21h
Access for handicapped

More information :
Tel. 03 88 95 80 53
Fax. 03 88 95 82 96

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