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Red Wine of Ottrott

History of the ROUGE D’OTTROTT

rouge_ottrottSituated at the foot of the Mont Sainte Odile Ottrott has a privileged territory from Gods for the culture of the vineyard. Grapes from the “Pinot Noir” are king and a red wine with big renown was born : ROUGE D’OTTROTT

The rouge d’Ottrott has it’s origin in 1109. In this time Benedictines of Burgundy bring seedlings back in barrels fullen up with earth of Burgundy and settle down near by Ottrott.

These seedlings find an extraordinary place on the hillside of the Steinberg which was terraced and holden by a stoned wall; they are cultivated for a red wine production from 1109 to 1130.

1180, the emperor Karl Friedrich makes a donation of the vineyard Ottenroth to the abbey of Etival (Vosges).

1257 Pape Alexandre IV named in one of his short stories a certain Karl Hohenburg being owner of the vineyard in Ottenroth.

An edict of 23 march the 23td 1340 is mentioning the vineyard on the Hungersberg, near by Erlebach, Mittelbuhel and Wardweg.

At the height of its fame the vineyard reached a superficial of 46 hectares in 1899, only 40 hectares in 1955 for a production of 2550 hectolitres.
Today the soil of the Rouge d’Ottrott covers some 35 hectares.

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