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Forest and hiking

Guides and maps for sale at the tourist office of Ottrott

randonnee pedestre

Hiking maps “Guide de Randonnées du Pays du Mont Sainte Odile 5 €

10 different tours around Mount Sainte Odile are possible. From beginners (or family) to experienced hikers, different levels of difficulty to walk trough the land of Mount Sainte Odile are available.
From the Alsatian Plain to the forest of the Vosges, going trough the vineyards, the whole magic of the Rosheim is offered to you.

Topo Guide VTT
for sale 12€

Carte IGN, carte de randonnées
3716 for sale 12 €

Sentiers autour
d’Ottrott 2€

Hiking around Ottrott

sentier merveilles

« Le Mur Païen » the Pagan Wall
Access: follow the D 426 until the P3 parking on Mount Sainte Odile, then, by foot, follow the yellow X sign “Mur Païen”
2h15 minutes: easy
2h30 minutes: difficult
Or, the whole tour: 5h00

Le Sentier des Merveilles
This way goes 400 meters along the “Rocher des Géants”. By the way, you will meet the “Fontaine Lucie”, miraculous source gushing out of a rock where the water runs off a stoned conduit. You will also see wooden carvings made with a chain saw.

  Visitor's guuide

Visitor's guide "Au Pays du Mont Sainte Odile": free

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